As investment advisors with United Planners, Eric and Richard are thought leaders in providing retirement plan services. With years of experience and knowledge, Eric and Richard are in the perfect position to quarterback your plan’s design and implementation. They work with you and keep focus on the needs of participants and sponsors.

Business Owners:

Business owners want solutions that will increase their deferrals, attract, benefit and retain key people, and provide for a secure retirement for their employees.

Human Resources:

HR needs a plan that simplifies administration, interfaces with existing payroll systems, and reduces their workload through online enrollment, provides quality education for their employees along with 24/7 participant support from a dedicated call center.


Most plan participants don’t want to be investment managers. They want simple investment choices that help guide them into a custom tailored retirement plan solution. We provide retirement solutions that are designed to help you reach your goals. They are easy to understand, sign up for and administer.